App NamebitAIM+
Size28 MB
CompatibilityAndroid 7.0 or up
MOD FeaturesPremium Shots Unlocked
Total Downloads50000+
Updated on1 day ago

What is bitAIM+

bitAIM+ is an artificial intelligence tool that allows players to learn various types of direct, indirect, and premium shots of shots in the carrom pool game. you can use it to confidently prepare for your tournaments, boosting your chances of success and victory with every practice session. Using this app, players will learn to predict the coin movements and be able to easily sink their coins into corner pockets.

Use the Super Aim feature for real-time and actuate aim strikes. The AI system of this app works seamlessly on all Android devices without rooting. You can use this app along with the Lulubox which only provides single lines or direct shots but the bitAIM App provides you multiple lines to practice more advanced shots.

Overall, it is a great app for Carrom Pool players to improve their skills and become masters in this game.

How to Use bitAIM+ App in Carrom Pool Game

Using this app is very easy and doesn’t require any technical expertise. Simply, follow the guidance given below properly to connect bitAIM to Carrom Pool and activate all its features.

  • Make sure you have the Carrom Pool game installed.
  • Open the bitAIM+ App on your Android smartphone and allow the permission them agree with the terms of services.
  • Click on “AI – AIM” and enable “Realtime Line”.
  • Go back and click on the “Super – AIM”
  • Adjust the Normal Line to 5 and tap on the “Start” button.
  • Now, a popup will appear that asks you for screen overlay permission so click on “Open Settings” and tap on the bitAIM app then choose the “Always” option to allow it to work over the carrom pool game.
  • Again, tap on the “Start” button and the Carrom Pool game will open automatically and you’ll be able to use it.

Exciting Features of bitAIM+

Super AIM

Super AIM utilizes AI for a highly accurate aim system. It shows a line that helps you strike the disc at the perfect angle and this feature helps you to learn various types of shots.

Premium Shots

bitAIM Premium offers many extra premium shots that you can’t practice from the free version. You can use the laser line and adjust the size and color of the line.

No Banning

Using the original bitAIM+ App will not suspend your carrom pool account. However, misuse or using modified versions may result in suspension, so follow the safety tips provided.

Hide Laser Line from Video

If you’re a YouTuber and share your gameplay videos on YouTube then there is a trick to hide the laser line from the video recording. You need to customize the app settings so open the bitAIM+ app and adjust the line size to 1 then change the laser line color to the carrom pool table color. Now, use the normal screen recording app and you will not see the line in the recorded video clip.

Free to Use

The basic version of this app is completely free and it is good enough for a newbie and intermediate carrom pool player. It offers many unique shots and striking tricks that you can practice and learn with this free application. For advanced players, Upgrade to the paid version to get extra premium shots and an uninterrupted experience.

How to Download and Install bitAIM+ APK on Android

To avoid making any mistake, follow the simple steps given below to easily download, install and use this app on your device.


Access Device’s Settings:
Navigate the settings of your Android Smartphone and scroll down a bit to find the Privacy or Security tab.


Enable Unknown Sources:
Click on the Privacy or Security tab and toggle on the Unknown Sources of app installation. This enables you to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.


Download the APK File:
Open the Chrome Browser on your Android phone and search for ““. Tap on the download button to initiate the downloading of the bitAIM Plus APK File.


Install the App:
Once the APK File is downloaded then tap on it. Hit the install button and wait until the installation is completed.


Accept the Policy:
Open the app and read the privacy or terms of services and click on “Accept” if you agree to move forward.


Allow The Required Permissions:
It asks you for several permissions so allow the required permission to make it work properly. It also asks you for permission to display over other apps so make sure you enable it.

Ensure Safety During the Downloading & Installing Process

Here are some of the security measures that you need to take in order to be safe while downloading and installing this third-party app.

  • Don’t Use Mods: Make sure you don’t download the modded version of the bitAIM+ App because it might have safety issues and also it can ban your carrom pool in-game account.
  • Download From Trusted Sources: While downloading this app, ensure that you visit the trusted and safe website ( that provides original and authentic APK file.
  • Disable Unknown Sources After Installation: Once the app is installed on your phone, open the settings of your smartphone and disable the unknown sources for your device’s safety.

Download bitAIM For PC

If you’re a PC gamer and like to play the Carrom Pool game on your PC then download the bitAIM on your Windows or MAC device using the Android Emulator and enjoy all its mod features on your computer device. Tap on the download button given below for more information about the installation process.

Bitaim Premium Shots

bitAIM+ Shots

Direct Shots:

  • Single Shot

Indirect Shots:

  • Double Coin Shot
  • Striker Back Shot
  • Coin Back Shot
  • Lower V – Side Shot
  • Upper V – Side Shot
  • V – Side Shot
  • V – Bottom Shot

Extra Premium Shots:

  • Bounce Shot – 1, Bounce Shot – 2, Bounce Shot – 3, Bounce Shot – 4, Bounce Shot – 5, Bounce Shot – 6
  • Brush Shot – 1, Brush Shot – 2, Brush Shot – 3

What is bitAIM Pro APK

bitAIM Pro Apk is the modded version of this app that provides all the premium shots and features without buying the paid version of this app. bitAim mod offers premium bounce shots, an ad-free experience, and no closing time. It elevates the gaming experience and you will be able to learn many new shots that may help you to score more in your upcoming tournaments.

bitAIM+ Premium Plan

These are four different premium plans and you can choose anyone as per your requirements.

1 Week1 Months3 MonthsLife Time
₹59 +gst/$1.09₹149 +gst/$2.49₹359 +gst/$6.19₹1,999 +gst/$33.49
Premium ShotsPremium ShotsPremium ShotsPremium Shots
No AdvertisementsNo AdvertisementsNo AdvertisementsNo Advertisements
No Closing AppNo Closing AppNo Closing AppNo Closing App

bitAIM+ is available in both free and premium versions. If you’re not a professional and not able to play the carrom pool game very well then the free version is good enough for you to learn the basic and advanced skills but if you’ve been playing the carrom game for so long and want to learn difficult shots then go with the paid version, it comes with extra premium shots.

Yes, bitAIM is a safe app to use on Android devices. it is a mod application and does not use any type of hack. It utilizes AI-based image recognition technology that helps players find the perfect angle and position for the striker to make the ideal shot.

No, bitAIM does work only on the Android operating system so unfortunately, you can not use this app on your iPhone or iPad devices.

As of now, bitAIM+ is unavailable on Google Play Store. Therefore, users can download the updated version of our app from this website (

If you want to share your gameplay video on YouTube but don’t want the laser line to be visible in the video then change the line size to ‘1’ and adjust the line color to the carrom pool table color. Now, you can use any screen recorder app and the laser line will not be visible.


bitAIM+ is a valuable tool that helps you improve your gaming skills and become a professional player in the carrom pool game. You can use this app to learn different types of direct, indirect, and premium shots. This app assists players in predicting their accurate moves. Besides, it offers a built-in video recording feature to record your gameplay and it is compatible with Lulubox so you can use this app and Lulubox together for a better gaming experience.

If you find this app helpful then share it with your fellow carrom pool players so that they can also use it to improve their skills and learn about many new shots. For any further help, feel free to contact us.