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App NamebitAIM Mod APK
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RequiresAndroid 7.0+
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Carrom Pool is the world’s most popular Carrom game which is an Indian original skill-based game. It requires the skill of predicting the movement of the striker and finding the perfect angle and position to make an ideal shot. bitAIM Mod APK is an AI helper tool for carrom pool players and it helps them to easily win every match and learn different types of shots.

If you want to elevate your gameplay and become a professional player in this game then you should try the bitAIM+ AI AIM Assistance tool. It is not a hack, it uses an AI-based image recognition feature and shows a line that helps players easily steal victory in every match. bitAIM is compatible with all Android devices that come with Android 7.0 or up. It works finest on the latest Android 12 and Android 13.0 devices.

You can use this app to learn all the master shots and prepare yourself for the upcoming tournaments and improvise your skill in this game. bitAIM premium version provides all the extra bonus shots that you can’t access with the free version. However, the premium version of bitAIM is only for paid users. Therefore, download the bitAIM Mod APK to unlock all the premium shots for free.

How to Use BitAim Mod APK?

Bitaim Mod APK is the modified version of the app that provides all the premium shots unlocked for free. However, the free version of this app is good for newbies and intermediate players. For Advanced players, we recommend upgrading to the premium plan. There are four different plans and all the plans offer the same features but the pricing is based on the validity of each plan. bitAIM Mod APK gives all users access to the premium features without spending money.

Here we have shared the complete process of using this amazing AI tool.

Step 1. Download and Install the App:

Download and Install the App

It is obvious that you have to download and install the bitAIM Mod APK on your device. Make sure the Caroom Pool game is also installed on the same device.

Step 2: Allow Permissions to Display Over Other Apps:

Allow Permissions to Display Over Other Apps

When you open the app for the first time, it asks you for some permission to allow all the necessary permissions and it also asks for screen overlay permission so click on ‘Open Settings’ and allow bitAIM to display over other apps.

Step 3. Activate Laser Line:

Activate Laser Line

Tap on the Super AIM and click on the Laser Line to activate it and choose the color of the laser line as per your personal preference.

Step 4: Start Super AIM:

Start Super AIM

Now, you are very close to connecting this app to the Carrom pool game. Simply, tap on the Start button to open the game.

Step 5. Enjoy Gameplay:

Enjoy Gameplay

Set a match and you will see the laser line that assists you in predicting striker movements.

Features of BitAim Mod APK

BitAim Mod Apk is an artificial intelligence-based AIM assistance Android App that helps players to learn advance skills and enhance their game to easily win every match. The app provides a few customization features and settings which are being disclosed below.

Laser Line

Laser Line is much better than the normal line because of its better visibility and it looks good on the carrom table. With this app, you will get the laser line feature unlocked for free and you can also change the color of the laser line.

No Risk of Banning

bitAIM does not interface the game assets files so it does not pose any risk of banning your carrom pool game account if you use this app properly.

Learn Unique Shots

This AI AIM tracker tool helps you to improve your gaming skills and learn different types of unique shots such as Single Shot, Double Coin Shot, Lower V–Side Shot, Upper V–Side Shot, V – Side Shot, Striker Back Shot, Coin Back Shot, V–Bottom Shot, Bounce Shots, and Bonus Shots.

Premium Shots

If you want to become a master in the carrom pool game, you must learn the premium shots to handle different situations in this game and turn the table around you and steal the victory. bitAIM Premium Mod APK offers many unique extra premium shots that you can practice and improve your skills to become a pro player.

Easy Victory

Those who can’t play Carrom Pool games so well always face difficulty winning this game and it is very trusting to lose most of the time. bitAIM not only helps you to learn several skills but also helps you to win every match with ease. The AI-generated laser line helps players measure the striker’s position at the perfect alignment to put all the discs into the corner pockets easily.

No Ads

The basic bitAIM+ shows ads whenever you tap on the Start button. the only ad-free solution is upgrading to premium. Alternatively, download the bitAIM Mod APK for a free lifetime premium plan with all the premium benefits, including uninterrupted experience.

Download BitAim Mod APK

How to Download BitAim Mod APK For Android

28 MB

  • Tap on the mentioned download button to download the bitAIM Mod APK file on your device.
  • Navigate the Settings of your device and select the Privacy & Security tab. Under this section, click on the Unknown Sources option to toggle it on.
  • Open the file manager and locate the folder where the APK file is being stored then click on it and tap on the install button.
  • Go back to the home screen of your smartphone and you will see the bitAIM app icon so click on it to open it.
  • Allow the permissions it asks and make sure to enable the screen overlay.
  • Now, you’re all set to use this app and connect it with the carrom pool game.

BitAim Premium Plans Pricing

  • ₹59 +gst/$1.09 For 1 Week
  • ₹149 +gst/$2.49 For 1 Month
  • ₹359 +gst/$6.19 For 3 Months
  • ₹1,999 +gst/$33.49 For Life Time


  • No Risk of Account Banning
  • Works on All Android 7.0 or up devices
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Works Seamlessly with Lulubox


  • Premium Shots are only for paid users
  • The free version contains ads


Why bitAIM Mod APK?

bitAIM Mod Apk saves you a lot of money as you don’t need to purchase the premium plans. It provides all the paid features unlocked for free.

Is bitAIM Mod APK Safe?

bitAIM does not use any type of hack so it is completely safe and secure to use on Android devices.

Does bitAIM Work With Lulubox?

Yes, bitAIM seamlessly works along with the Lulubox. You need to turn on the LuLu-Line Extended. However, Lulubox only shows one line whereas the latest version of bitAIM provides laser line features which is much better than Lulubox.

How to Download bitAIM on iOS Devices?

bitAIM is an Android application. Hence, it can not be installed on iOS devices but sooner than later it will be available on the App Store for iOS users.

Is bitAIM Mod APK a Paid App?

bitAIM is available for free which is good for newbie and intermediate players but if you are an advanced player and want to become professional in this game then upgrade to the paid version to unlock all the extra premium shots.


So, If you are a carrom pool player and want to become a master in this game then bitAIM Mod APK can be a very helpful app for you to practice the direct, indirect and premium shots to improvise your gameplay and prepare yourself for the big tournaments and complete neck-to-neck among the world’s best carrom players. Download the bitAIM Premium Mod APK on your device from the links given on this webpage and elevate your gaming experience. It helps you to easily win every match and learn how to predict the striker’s movement, angle, and position for the ideal shot.

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